Can I Exercise After Delivering?

Can I Exercise After Delivering?

Having a baby is the most exciting time in your life, and keeping fit is important – especially now with a little one to take care of!

If you’re wondering, “Can I exercise after delivering?” Here’s what you should know.

There Are Amazing Benefits From Postpartum Exercise 

Postpartum or not, exercise is beneficial for everyone. However, exercising after pregnancy helps your body recover faster. You’ll tone abdominal muscles, lose pregnancy weight, relieve stress, and get a serious energy boost. 

Exercise will also help you sleep better, and you will need your sleep! There is also evidence to suggest exercise may prevent postpartum depression

How Quickly Can I Exercise After Delivering?

As a general rule, if you had a healthy pregnancy, a normal vaginal delivery, and you regularly exercised while pregnant, then it’s safe for you to exercise a few days after giving birth – as long as you feel ready!

When Should I Consult With My Doctor About Exercise?

If you had any complications during pregnancy or if you had a Cesarean, or C-section, then the safe thing to do is ask your doctor about exercise. In fact, even if you had a healthy pregnancy it’s still wise to check in with your doctor. 

Should I Follow Any Guidelines for Exercise?

In the beginning, yes. Aim for 20 to 30 minutes of activity per day. Start with simple exercises meant to tone muscles in your abdomen and back. Gradually add more intense exercises as you feel able. The exercises should not hurt though, so if you feel pain, stop. 

If You Have Postpartum Fitness Goals, We’ll Help!

If you’re still asking, “Can I exercise after delivering?” reach out to our pregnancy care and postpartum specialists!

We’re excited to share with you fantastic postpartum exercises and tips on how to stay healthy after having your baby! Give us a call at 301-812-3400 today!

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