When Can I Start Exercising After Childbirth?

Exercising After Childbirth

When Can I Start Exercising After Childbirth to Help Reclaim My Pre-Baby Body?

Your bundle of joy is here, congratulations! Now, you’re ready to get back to the gym to try to get your pre-pregnancy body back. So, when can I start exercising after childbirth, you wonder?

Great question, and we have answers!

Are There Really Benefits to Exercising After Childbirth?

Yes! Pregnancy and childbirth cause changes inside and outside of your body, and exercising addresses all of them. Benefits include getting your abdominal muscles back in shape, stress relief, better sleep, and increased energy. Exercise can also ward off postpartum depression.

Does Exercising After Childbirth Affect Breastfeeding?

Not likely. There is no indication that exercise affects breast milk production or your baby. It is suggested that if you plan vigorous exercise, you should feed your baby before or pump before your workout to feed your baby after.

So,  What’s the Bottom Line – When Can I Start Exercising After Childbirth?

It’s important to focus the first week or two on your baby and yourself! If you’ve had a C-section or a difficult birth, plan to start exercising when your OB gives you the all-clear. Otherwise, exercise after pregnancy is typically safe within a few days after a normal vaginal delivery as long as your body feels okay with it and there is no reason to wait longer than that for light activity.

Your OB will fully answer, “When can I start exercising after childbirth?” during a visit, as well as discuss physical activity goals and any limitations if needed.

What About Kegels? How Soon Can I Do Those?

It’s okay to start Kegel exercises the day after your baby is born.

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