When to See a Pelvic Pain Specialist in Bowie, Maryland

Pelvic Pain Specialist

Pelvic pain is a blanket term that refers to any pain you may experience in your lower abdominal area.

It can be a bit confusing if you’re unsure of the cause, but there are times when you should not delay a visit to a pelvic pain specialist in Bowie, Maryland.

Can You Tell Me More About What Pelvic Pain Encompasses?

Whether your pain is from achy, sharp, or dull, it could be due to a problem in your digestive system, urinary tract, musculoskeletal system, or reproductive organs. Because there are so many organs involved, it’s important to see the right diagnosis and treatment.

What Are Some Causes of Pelvic Pain?

There are a few pelvic pain causes but the most common include vulvodynia, dermatological issues related to your vulva, or infections. Other causes are irritable bowel syndrome, fibroids, or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. If you’re pregnant, there could be more serious concerns that should be examined immediately.

What Symptoms Other Than Pain Should I Know About?

Pain isn’t the only symptom you should report to your pelvic pain specialist in Bowie, Maryland. Abnormal bleeding, painful / difficult urination, painful intercourse, bloating / gas, and fever with or without chills are all important reasons to see your pelvic pain specialist.

I’m Experiencing Pelvic Pain! Where Should I Go to Find the Best Pelvic Pain Specialist in Bowie, Maryland?

Whether you’ve only experienced pelvic pain for a short time or it’s chronic (lasting six months or longer), we encourage you to not delay an appointment with one of our experienced providers at Women’s HealthCare Specialists.

We believe all women deserve the best healthcare possible, and that is what we provide for all our patients. Please contact us at 301-812-3400, and let’s get you feeling your best with a proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plan!

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