What Is A Medical D&C, and Is It Painful?

Dilation and Curretage

What Is A Medical D&C, and Is It Painful?

What is a medical D&C, and is it painful? During a stressful time, you want to feel as at ease as possible during your women’s healthcare procedure.

Here’s what you need to know for a pain-free experience.

What Is a D&C?

A D&C stands for dilation and curettage, a minor surgery that involves opening the cervix and removing tissue from the inner lining of your uterus. There are many reasons you may require a D&C, such as removal of the following:

  • Potentially cancerous tumors
  • IUD
  • Infected tissue, usually caused by pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Non-cancerous tumors or fibroids
  • Tissue left in the womb after miscarriage or childbirth

It can also be used to sample endometrial tissue in order to examine and determine the cause of heavy bleeding or other concerns.

Is a D&C Painful?

A D&C can seem very intimidating at first. But, rest easy knowing your provider will do everything within their power to make this a comfortable, pain-free experience for you.

You and your doctor will have many options for anesthesia, such as general anesthetics, a spinal block, or local anesthetic. Your doctor may even order for you to receive sedation prior to your procedure. Thankfully, the procedure itself only takes five to 10 minutes.

At most, you may feel cramps similar to menstrual cramps, but nothing beyond that. Pain relief is also available for these cramps, allowing for a completely comfortable procedure.

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