What Does Your Urine Say About Your Health?

There’s nothing we love more than peeing into a cup. Just kidding – urine testing is never fun or completely comfortable. But your urine is one of the best indicators of your gynecological health out there. And, all things considered, the mild (and mostly psychological) discomfort of a urine test is nothing compared to the conditions it canhelp you prevent.

Here are some of the indicators your urine test will analyze – and what they mean.

Quality counts: looking at urine color, clarity, 

and odor

The quality of your urine – the way it looks and smells, mostly – says a lot about how hydrated you are, the quantity of toxic substances in your body, and the lack or presence of urinary system diseases. A urine test can even detect metabolic diseases like liver disease and diabetes.

Urine color and clarity indicates hydration, diet, and health

It’s okay to judge by appearances in this case. Here are some shades and qualities and what they might indicate.

  • Dark urine in small amounts: dehydration or kidney issues.
  • Flaky or cloudy urine: urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Red-tinted urine: blood in urine, which means you’ll need additional testing (unless, of course, you are a woman on her menstrual cycle – in which case you get a pass)
  • Bright yellow: did you start supplementing with vitamin B or other vitamins? Looks like it!
  • Bright pink, red, or red-brown: someone’s been chowing down on dark berries or beets. If the urine is clear, you’re good to go; if it’s cloudy, you might be seeing evidence of a health problem.

Urine color can tell us a lot about your health – but often, your doctor will use these indicators to conduct more specific medical tests and further diagnose any health problems.

Written by Webmaster