Same-Day OB/GYN in West Springfield, Virginia

Same-Day OB/GYN

From adolescence through menopause and beyond, women need specialty care. An OB/GYN, or obstetrics and gynecology specialist, provides comprehensive services to see women throughout their lifetime. If you haven’t been to this type of provider, or you haven’t been for a while, you may be wondering what to expect during your visit with a same-day OB/GYN in West Springfield, Virginia.

Here’s what to expect during your appointment!

First, Your Health History Is Reviewed and Your Vitals Are Taken

To start, you will be asked questions about your health. This includes your diagnosed conditions, current or past symptoms, and medications you’re currently taking. Additionally, you will be asked about allergies and surgeries you may have had since your last visit. You may be asked about your family’s health history as well.

Be as accurate as possible when answering questions. This, along with your vitals and other health information such as your height and weight, helps your specialist develop your personalized plan for wellness.

Next, We’ll Discuss Your Current Health Concerns and Your Overall Wellbeing

OB/GYNs typically ask questions related to all aspects of your health. Be prepared to answer about your alcohol, tobacco, and drug use. Additionally, you will be asked questions regarding whether you feel safe at home, how your mental health is, and your lifestyle habits such as exercise and eating habits. They may ask about your work-life balance, stress levels, and support system as well.

Depending on your age and the reason you’re there, they may provide information on family planning, birth control, prenatal care, perimenopause, menopause, STD testing, or other issue(s). Feel free to openly discuss any concerns you have with your provider.

This is a safe space, and you should feel comfortable enough with your healthcare professional to talk openly and honestly.

Physical Exams May Be Performed, Which May Include a Breast Exam, Pelvic Exam, and/or Cervical Cancer Screening

Depending on when your last exams were, your provider may suggest any of the above during your same-day OB/GYN in West Springfield, Virginia. Additionally, they may order testing based on symptoms you’re experiencing, the reason for your visit, or any findings during your appointment.

For instance, they may order a diagnostic mammogram if anything is detected during your breast exam, or a screening mammogram if you’re due for one. If you have pelvic pain, they may recommend an ultrasound. If you’re there for infertility concerns, they may order labs.

During Your Visit With a Same-Day OB/GYN in West Springfield, Virginia, You May Also Receive Vaccines

If any are recommended for you, your gynecology specialist may provide the necessary vaccinations recommended for your age/stage of life.

Finally, It’s Time for a Q&A

Your provider will go over information with you about any diagnosis and/or treatments they recommend. Then, you’ll have time to ask questions and have them answered. Don’t be shy at this time – or at any point during your appointment. You can be sure your healthcare professional has seen and heard it all regarding any women’s health topic.

You can ask about anything, and you should receive in-depth answers from your healthcare provider. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask for clarification. Remember, they’re your partner in your health and are there to help ensure you experience the greatest quality of life possible.

Your Gynecological Health Is Our Top Priority Here at Women’s HealthCare Specialist

All of the steps above are taken so your gynecologist can provide the best possible care for you as an individual.

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