Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to See an STD Specialist in Bowie, Maryland

STD Specialist Bowie MD

Even if you don’t see your doctor for regular checkups, it’s important to get tested for STDs if you’re sexually active. Why? Because there are over 1 million new sexually transmitted infections acquired every year.

Staggering stat, isn’t it? While you can easily visit a clinic or urgent care facility for women’s health testing, it’s an STD specialist in Bowie, Maryland you should trust for proper care.

Some STDs Have No Symptoms

One of the reasons you should get tested is because you can have an STD and not know it. This means you risk unknowingly passing the STD to someone else.

It’s Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Untreated STDs during pregnancy can cause stillbirths, miscarriages, and premature births. If an STD is transmitted to a baby, it could be fatal. Trust your STD specialist in Bowie, Maryland to help you and your baby.

You Put Your Overall Health at Risk

An untreated STD in women can lead to inflammatory pelvic disease, and this can result in infertility. It can also lead to infertility in men.

Other potential health complications for men and women due to untreated STDs are certain cancers, bladder issues, dementia, meningitis, and even blindness.

It’s More Stressful to Worry Than It Is to Know

Many people put off testing simply because they are too scared to find out for sure they have an STD. Don’t let that fear stop you from taking control of your health. You’ll feel better knowing you have a treatment plan in place if needed.

Looking for an STD Specialist in Bowie, Maryland You Can Trust? Choose Women’s HealthCare Specialists!

Dr. Navita Modi and her team are dedicated to treating and educating patients about STDs. If you suspect you have one, you should book your appointment for testing as soon as possible.

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