Prenatal Vitamins, Do They Really Work?

Prenatal Vitamins, Do They Really Work?

When pregnant, you want the best for your baby, so eating a healthy diet is important. Many feel vitamins are a great way to supplement nutrition.

But, not all women have the exact same nutritional needs. So, is this true during pregnancy? Do I need prenatal vitamins, and do they really work?

Am I Being Deceived by Prenatal Vitamins Marketing?

Marketing for prenatal vitamins is aimed at making everyone feel they are absolutely necessary. The truth is that there really isn’t enough scientific research done to conclude all women need prenatal vitamins.

When asking, ‘Prenatal vitamins, do they really work,” it’s possible you’re only making manufacturers rich without proof of justification.

So, What Supplements Do I Need White Pregnant?

Studies have shown that pregnant women should be concerned with folic acid and Vitamin D. Folic acid helps to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida, while vitamin D is crucial for fetal bone development.

Here Is What You Don’t Need

Not all pregnant women need iron. Furthermore, vitamins A, C, and E do not back up the evidence needed to state they are beneficial to you and your baby.

What’s the Deal – Prenatal Vitamins, Do They Really Work? What Should I Do?

Most importantly, talk to your obstetrician (OB) about your specific needs. If needed, an eating plan can be created to meet your nutritional requirements. Most of your nutrition comes from eating healthy foods! Your OB will let you know if you should supplement with vitamins and which one is best for you.

Your Best Nutritional Plan Can be Found at Women’s HealthCare Specialists

Pregnancy is a time for you to celebrate, and we want to make this time as stress-free as possible. We understand the needs of all pregnant women and take a holistic approach to diet and supplementation.

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