Pelvic Pain Specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland

Pelvic Pain Specialist in Greenbelt

Pelvic Pain Specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland: What to Expect During Your Consultation

Women’s health is still seen as taboo, causing both girls and women to walk into a medical setting unsure and nervous. This shouldn’t be the case.

Here’s what you expect during your first visit with a pelvic pain specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

It’s your first time meeting with a pelvic pain specialist, and instead of being excited that you’ll find the culprit behind your pain, you’re nervous. That’s totally normal.

Thankfully, there’s no special prep work before your visit. All that’s required of you is to come showered, on time, and with the necessary documents and information for a streamlined process.

This includes medications you’re on, ID, insurance card, and other information of that nature.

You’ll check in and fill out paperwork, then it’s time for the consultation itself after a brief wait.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

There are different exams and tests your specialist may perform, depending on your specific circumstance.

It will always begin with a discussion before any examination or testing is performed, so prepare to answer, as well as to ask questions.

Your pelvic pain specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland will want to know when symptoms started, health history, what you’ve tried to relieve pain, and other similar topics.

From there, you can expect a physical examination of the pelvis and abdomen in order to assess muscles, tissues, and more.

If required, you may be asked to provide a blood or urine sample, a vaginal culture test, a pelvic MRI, or other means of testing in order to diagnose the cause of your pain.

Meet With a Pelvic Pain Specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland Today!

You shouldn’t have to go through complex issues such as pelvic pain alone. It’s time to meet with the top pelvic specialist in Greenbelt today here at Women’s HealthCare Specialists.

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