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Pelvic pain can dominate your entire life without you fully realizing it, controlling simple aspects of your day-to-day routine and experiences. This doesn’t have to be the case! Here are six insider tips for finding an excellent pelvic pain specialist in College Park, Maryland!

What Is Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain refers to any pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis. This pain can vary in intensity, type of pain, how long it lasts, and other variables. Pelvic pain can also be joined by symptoms like bloating, constipation, painful intercourse, vaginal or rectal bleeding, and pain and/or difficulty with urination.

Pelvic pain has many causes, ranging from menstrual cramps to cancer, which is why it’s so important to get suspicious, prolonged, and/or severe pelvic pain checked out by a specialist.

There are many ways your pelvic pain specialist can diagnose and treat pelvic pain, which also varies and ranges in intensity, invasiveness, and cost. There’s no wrong reason to see a specialist, as it’s always better safe than sorry.

What Is a Pelvic Pain Specialist?

A pelvic pain specialist in College Park, Maryland is someone who, as the title implies, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain.

Typically, this is a gastroenterologist, or urologist, or women’s health specialist such as a gynecologist or obstetrician. Many women prefer to visit their gynecologist for pelvic pain, especially if the cause is unidentified and does not relate to gastroenterology, urology, or another highly specific branch of medicine.

How Do I Find a Good Pelvic Pain Specialist Near Me?

If you struggle with pelvic pain, then you know how difficult it is to find answers and treatment that works. Many women are brushed off and not taken seriously, but this absolutely does not have to be the case. You can find a pelvic pain specialist to take you seriously and help you with these six tips.

  • Ask About the Option for Telehealth Visits

In the modern world, accessibility is a must. You can’t always visit your specialist in person for a multitude of reasons, and not every question or concern requires it. Ask your specialist if they offer telehealth visits via video chatting or a phone call.

This also makes your life easier if your specialist isn’t conveniently located but you enjoy working with them and don’t want to switch to a different provider.

  • Discuss Your Options for Testing and Diagnosis

There are many ways pelvic pain is diagnosed. In some cases, it doesn’t require much more than a discussion with your specialist.

As a general rule, your specialist will try to determine the cause with a pelvic exam as well as talk to you about your experience with pelvic pain, how long you’ve dealt with it, and additional symptoms you’re experiencing. From there, they’ll determine whether further testing like a urine test or an ultrasound is necessary.

  • Get to Know Your Specialist Before Committing

While the goal for many patients is to find a specialist they can rely on, trust, and consistently visit, it’s important you know that you don’t have to commit to a doctor or nurse if you’re not comfortable with them or find that you’re not reaching the outcome you want.

Feel free to schedule a consultation with the specialist you’re interested in to get to know them and their practice. Are they welcoming and attentive? Do they listen to you? Is their office clean, comforting, and organized? How do you feel during and after talking to them?

Consider this before adding a specific specialist to your care team.

  • Pay Attention to Their Credentials and Certifications

A good specialist is someone who is a medical professional, such as a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse, who has plenty of years of experience, education, and training.

Board certification with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology or another trusted board should be on your radar as well, ensuring that your specialist has fully committed to their craft and is held to a high standard.

  • See What Treatments They Offer

There are many treatments for the same issue. Ask which treatments your special offer for your specific condition(s). Although it’s recommended to be open to multiple treatments, especially if it offers long-term pain management, your comfort is the top priority.

A combination of invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive treatments is ideal. It’s more than likely that your pelvic pain specialist will offer a variety. Additionally, even invasive procedures are becoming less complex and intensive, thanks to advancements in modern technology.

  • Talk to Your Specialist About Insurance and Cost

Navigating cost and insurance is oftentimes the hardest part of working with a specialist of any kind.

If you have insurance, be sure to check in advance about coverage for visits, testing, and treatments with your specialist, as well as to what extent. If you’re without insurance or have limited insurance coverage, then it’s a good idea to talk to your specialist about the cost of everything and how or if you can finance it.

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