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pelvic floor specialist

As a woman, you know that there is quite a lot going on in your pelvic region. So, it’s certainly understandable that you might experience discomfort from time to time. But, what do you do when the pain just won’t stop? Of course, you could see your primary care provider (PCP), but chances are they will not be as much help as a pelvic floor specialist in Alexandria, Virginia. You need specific women’s health care, and this is why. 

Why Do You Need a Women’s Health Specialist for Pelvic Pain?

There are many pelvic pain causes. The process of diagnosis can be a trial and error process, so a specialist is best. A pelvic exam is an important step in this process, and your PCP may not even offer this.

You’ll first have a discussion with a pelvic floor specialist about your medical history including health conditions and current medications. Then, they’ll want to know all about your symptoms and how long you’ve had them.

Next, a pelvic exam is performed, after which your specialist may recommend testing. You might need labs such as bloodwork. Imaging tests like an ultrasound or MRI may also be necessary.

It’s also possible a laparoscopy is needed as well. This common surgical procedure allows your specialist to view organs located in your pelvic area and check for abnormalities or signs of infection. 

What Pelvic Pain Treatments Are Available?

Your pelvic floor specialist in Alexandria, Virginia will recommend treatment based on your diagnosis. Again, be patient as it might take time to find the exact course of action. 

Pain relievers, hormone therapies, antibiotics, and antidepressants are the most common non-surgical ways to treat pelvic pain. There are also therapies you might benefit from like pelvic floor therapy or spinal cord stimulation. In severe cases, a hysterectomy or other surgical procedure may be used to eliminate your symptoms. 

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