Is a D and C Covered by Insurance?

Dilation and curettage

It’s no secret that medical care is expensive! The very thought of having to pay for surgery can become overwhelming.

So, how do you plan for the expense of this women’s healthcare service? Is a D and C covered by insurance? Let’s look at the costs and what options you might have if you’re not insured. 

What Exactly Is a D and C and Why Would I Need One?

A D and C is a minor surgery that allows your gynecologist to remove tissue from your uterine lining. It’s done to find the cause of heavy bleeding, to remove tumors (non-cancerous and cancerous), to remove infected tissue commonly found with pelvic inflammatory disease, after a miscarriage, and various other reasons. 

How Much Does a D and C Cost?

Before we answer your question, “Is a D and C covered by insurance,” here’s what you should know about the cost. It varies greatly, but the average cost is $9,587.

There are variables that influence the cost. The skill and experience of your gynecologist, your geographic location, anesthesia usage, and the unique factors surrounding your surgery all influence how much you’ll pay. 

So, Is a D and C Covered by Insurance? 

This is going to depend on your insurance carrier. In most circumstances, insurance will cover all or a large portion of the cost of a D and C, as long as it’s medically necessary. It’s best you contact your insurance carrier directly to find out if you’re covered. 

If I Don’t Have Insurance, Is Financial Help Available?

You’ll find that most gynecologists accept almost all major credit cards. While not always an option, you could ask about financing too. 

If you need financial assistance, try looking for grants or charitable organizations. Also, speak to your gynecologist if you feel money will be an issue to see what they recommended. 

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