How Much Does It Cost to See a Gynecologist in Beltsville, Maryland?


Your reproductive health is vital to your overall health, which is why it’s important to schedule regular visits with your gynecologist in Beltsville, Maryland.

Money is a big concern for many women though, and knowing what to expect when it comes to paying for women’s healthcare will help you prepare financially.

Insurance Makes a Difference

If you don’t have health insurance, you can expect much higher out-of-pocket costs. If you do, it is imperative you check with your insurance carrier to make sure your gynecologist is in-network.

You should also double-check with your gynecologist in Beltsville, Maryland just to be sure your insurance is accepted.

Your Initial Consultation Is a Good Time to Ask about Pricing

Your first meet and greet may be complimentary, though there may be a fee so it’s best to ask before you go. The national average fee for an OB/GYN new patient visit is estimated at $386. This is the perfect time for you to inquire about pricing for tests and medical procedures you may need.

Take this opportunity to ask your gynecologist about their financial practices. Is there a fee for canceled appointments? Do they offer billing or payment plans? Are discounts available if you pay in cash?

What’s the Bottom Line Here? How Much Will I Pay to See My Gynecologist?

Without a consultation, it’s impossible to tell. Don’t be afraid to ask about upfront pricing. Then, give your insurance carrier a call to find out what they do and do not cover. It’s going to take a bit of homework on your part to make sure all your financial bases are covered.

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