Genetic Testing in Greenbelt, Maryland

genetic testing

DNA is a fascinating science! Even more fascinating is what can be learned through genetic testing in Greenbelt, Maryland. If you’re pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, there is so much helpful information to be gained from genetic testing.

But First, Here’s a Brief Lesson in DNA and Genetic Testing

Located in the nucleus of cells and in mitochondria is DNA. This hereditary material is found in all humans and almost all other living organisms. Genetic testing can be done to identify mutations in DNA that signify diseases and provide information to help treat illnesses. 

What Types of Genetic Testing Are Available?

Diagnostic, predictive, carrier, pharmacogenetics, newborn, preimplantation, and prenatal genetic testing are all done for a variety of reasons. In large part, genetic testing in Greenbelt, Maryland is done to determine whether or not you or your baby are at risk for certain diseases. It can also be used as a tool for screening and medical treatment.

I’m Not Interested in Becoming Pregnant, So Why Should I Consider Genetic Testing?

If you are symptomatic or have a family history of certain diseases like cancer, genetic testing is done to indicate your risk factors. Also, if you have a medical condition, genetic testing can be done to help determine which medications will be most beneficial to you.  

Pregnant or Wish to Be? Genetic Testing Is a Great Idea For You!

If you’re trying to become pregnant or are pregnant, the use of genetic testing could not only be helpful but life-saving for your baby. This is important, as treatment can begin immediately if abnormalities are detected and a condition is diagnosed.

I’d Like to Know More About Genetic Testing in Greenbelt, Maryland. Who Do I Contact for the Most Reliable Information?

The team at Women’s Health Care Specialists welcomes the opportunity to share the benefits of genetic testing with you. Scheduling an appointment is easy! Give us a call at 301-812-3400 or feel free to schedule online.

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