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endometriosis doctor

Endometriosis is an incredibly difficult condition to live with, so why should finding a good doctor be difficult? You’ve struggled enough, so it’s time to make it easier. Here’s what you need to know when choosing the best endometriosis doctor in College Park, Maryland!

To Choose the Top Endometriosis Specialist, Ask for a Referral

Getting a referral from your primary care provider, be it your family practitioner or even your gynecologist, is a very easy step you can take to point you in the right direction toward a provider who specializes in endometriosis. During your next appointment, go ahead and ask.

Take a Look at Treatment Options From an Endometriosis Doctor in College Park, Maryland

There is currently no cure for endometriosis, and it’s not always an easy condition to treat. Fortunately, there are many ways you can manage your condition to enjoy a healthy life. Endometriosis treatments depend on the severity of symptoms, your age, and similar lifestyle factors.

Your options include a spectrum of management techniques and procedures, including but not limited to the following common recommendations:

  • Hormone therapy such as oral contraceptives
  • IVF if struggle with infertility as a result of your endometriosis
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Pain management
  • Surgical treatments like laparoscopies or laparotomies

Before choosing a provider, be sure to ask what treatments are available if you’re diagnosed with endometriosis.

Find Out Whether Your Current OB/GYN Is an Endometriosis Doctor in College Park, Maryland

Not every gynecologist or women’s healthcare professional specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. It is an often overlooked and understudied condition that requires specific training and skills that a standard practitioner may not offer.

That being said, it’s likely that your endometriosis specialist will be an OB/GYN. No matter the case, get to know those who are part of your endometriosis care team.

Board Certification Is a Must

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology is a highly trusted non-profit organization. Many doctors take extra steps to be certified by them, as they are the gold standard in women’s healthcare, including endometriosis care.

Look for an endometriosis doctor in College Park, Maryland who is board certified with this particular organization, though they may be certified by additional boards. Don’t settle for less when you can get the best.

Make Your Decision After a Consultation

Just because you book an appointment or consultation with a practitioner doesn’t mean you have to commit to them. In fact, it’s recommended that you use the first consultation to get to know the specialist in order to determine whether they’re right for you.

During this consultation, you can expect to discuss how long you’ve struggled with endometriosis symptoms if you’ve received a formal diagnosis already, how many management techniques you’ve tried if any, your treatment goals, and everything else to do with your health.

How your doctor responds to your question, comments, and concerns during this consultation can tell you a lot about them.

Do you feel heard? Do you feel safe? Is this a practitioner you can trust? Consider how you feel after this appointment.

Additionally, make sure their staff is nice and their office is both clean and organized. This should be a place where you feel secure and comfortable, given the nature of your condition.

Find Answers to Your Condition, as well as Endometriosis Treatment Options at Women’s HealthCare Specialists!

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