Does My Insurance Cover All OB Visits?

Insurance Cover All OB Visits?

Pregnant or considering getting pregnant? You’re probably wondering, “Does my insurance cover all OB visits?”

Here’s what you need to know about coverage or getting coverage for women’s health visits including OB care if you don’t already have it.

All qualified health insurance plans, including Medicaid, must cover these essentials: prenatal care, childbirth services, and newborn care. The Affordable Care Act considers pregnancy and maternity care an essential health benefit that must be covered.

If you have private insurance or Medicaid, you have coverage. If you’re pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, it’s a good idea to talk to your insurance provider for more specific information and to get the best answer if you’re wondering “Does my insurance cover all OB visits?”

Does My Insurance Cover All OB Visits? What Is Covered and What Isn’t?

During your pregnancy and after delivery, your coverage should include:

  • Prenatal and postnatal visits
  • Lab services
  • Medications
  • Inpatient services
  • Newborn care
  • Lactation counseling

For the best understanding of your coverage, talk to your insurance provider. Remember to ask about out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, and copays. Though your care is covered, you may be responsible for part of the fees associated with prenatal and postpartum care.

Here’s What to Expect During Prenatal Visits

Your initial visit includes a comprehensive medical exam, blood and urine tests,  and a discussion of your medical history. It’s a great time to ask questions and learn more about having a healthy pregnancy. You’ll also schedule regular visits, so your doctor can monitor your and your baby’s progress.

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