Dilation and Curettage Specialist

Dilation and Curettage Specialist

Important Information You Need to Know From a Dilation and Curettage Specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland

It’s true that knowledge is power, and that’s especially true if you’re facing a medical procedure. If you know what to expect, it really does help calm your mind.

Your dilation and curettage specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland doesn’t want you to worry. Here’s how the procedure works, how to prepare for your procedure, and info about recovery.

What Is Dilation and Curettage?

Dilation and curettage, or D and C, is a minor surgical procedure that dilates your cervix. Once your cervix is opened, your specialist will use a tool shaped a bit like a spoon to remove tissue from your uterus.

Why Do I Need a D and C?

There are many reasons why a woman might need a D and C. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Elective abortion
  • IUD removal
  • Fibroid removal (non-cancerous growths)
  • Miscarriage
  • Removal of infected tissue (a common occurrence with pelvic inflammatory disease)
  • Removal of potentially cancerous tumors for examination
  • To figure out the cause of heavy bleeding

How Do I Prepare for Dilation and Curettage?

You’ll be given full instructions from your dilation and curettage specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland. After an exam, you’ll likely be asked to avoid eating and drinking before surgery, as well as visit your specialist to begin the process of opening your cervix (this is done with a special gel.) You should plan to take a day or two of rest, and arrange to have a ride home.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Dilation and Curettage?

You’ll experience some cramping and light bleeding after your procedure, but it’s important you move around as much as you comfortably can. This is done to keep your muscles strong and prevent blood clots.

It will be a few days before you can take a bath, have intercourse, or douche. However, many women find they are able to return to work and normal daily activities within a couple of days.

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