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What You Should Expect During a Visit With the Best OB/GYN in Landover, Maryland

Taking charge of your health is empowering! It can also be a bit intimidating, especially when it comes to your reproductive health. Discussing private matters isn’t always easy.

But, never fear, because your visit with the best OB/GYN in Landover, Maryland doesn’t have to be stressful. Knowing what to expect will surely help you relax!

What to Expect During Your Exam

It’s sometimes  a little too easy to create embarrassing mental scenarios. So, just breathe and realize that nothing is too embarrassing to discuss with your women’s health specialist! Your gynecologist’s only focus is to evaluate you in a professional, non-judgmental manner.

You should expect an exam that includes your weight, blood pressure, and height. You’ll also be asked to provide a blood and urine sample. If any tests are given, the results will be provided as soon as they are available.

It’s recommended that women over 21 be given a pelvic exam, breast exam, and PAP smear. If you’re under 21, your appointment will be a general exam and is aimed more at education about women’s health and safe sex practices.

Also, You’ll Have Time to Address Concerns and Ask Questions

Either before or after your exam, you’ll have a consultation with the best OB/GYN in Landover, Maryland. This is the time you’ll discuss birth control, the HPV vaccine, and other concerns and questions you may have.

Remember, your OB/GYN has your best interest at heart and will take the time to discuss options that are best suited for you.

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