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best endometriosis specialist

If you need support in your struggle with endometriosis, or simply endo, you want to be sure you find the right doctor or team of medical professionals to support you on your journey to better health. You may begin with your primary care provider or general practitioner. When you find a diagnosis of endometriosis, it is possible that you could be referred to the best endometriosis specialist in College Park, Maryland for a definitive diagnosis.

What Type of Provider Should I See for Endometriosis?

Depending on your symptoms, which can include a wide variety of concerns such as abnormal menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, and bowel or digestive issues, you may choose one type of provider over others. If you are looking for the best care there are some choices available to you.

Some of the healthcare professionals you may want on your team in addition to the best endometriosis specialist in College Park, Maryland, your OB/GYN, include:


An obstetrician-gynecologist, or OB/GYN, is a doctor who specializes in women’s reproductive health, so this is the best place to begin. These providers can support women through pregnancy and childbirth. They also treat myriad issues involving women’s health like urinary tract infections, cancers, breast issues, hormonal issues, or infertility.

One of the conditions an OB/GYN can diagnose and treat is endometriosis and the symptoms related to it. Some OB/GYNs are also surgeons and can offer a wider range of endo treatments. Typically, your gynecologist will work with one or a combination of the following types of providers, taking a holistic approach so you achieve total overall health.

Mental Health Professional

A diagnosis of endometriosis and the associated symptoms can take its toll on a woman’s emotional health in addition to her physical health. Because of this, relationships can be affected and depression can happen, and women may want to discuss her feelings with a professional.

Talking to someone who is trained in dealing with relationships, anxiety, depression, and self-image can all be potentially beneficial to women who have a diagnosis of endometriosis. The condition has so many different presentations and symptoms that can disrupt a woman’s life in ways that a mental health professional can support.

It is also important to remember that you need not wait until you are in crisis to seek out support. Finding a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, social worker, or support group early in your diagnosis or treatment can be beneficial in all stages of a woman’s mental health and wellness journey. 

Reproductive Endocrinologist

A reproductive endocrinologist is a physician who specializes in fertility issues, which can sometimes be a result of endometriosis. If infertility is a problem, a reproductive endocrinologist may be the doctor you may want to add to your team of professionals. Adding this specialist to your health care team can get you to support with infertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization.

In addition to endometriosis, a reproductive endocrinologist can support conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), male infertility, abnormal uterus, or other female reproductive problems. They can be a supportive member of your healthcare team if endometriosis interferes with fertility.


Endometriosis can and does cause problems with the digestive tract for many. In the bowel, it can cause diarrhea, cramping, straining with bowel movements, and/or constipation. In some cases, people experience irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease as a co-occurring problem.

If this is your experience, a gastroenterologist who specializes in the digestive tract will be a great benefit to you. It may be possible for them to help you determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are related to the endometriosis or are a result of something different. Working with an expert in digestion is the best way to determine how to diagnose and treat your symptoms. 

Pain Management Specialist

A pain management specialist focuses on relieving pain from endometriosis if it is chronic or severe, especially after endo treatment. Pain can be managed in different ways for different people and depending on your needs, this is one possible avenue that women may need to pursue.

Don’t Be Discouraged When Trying to Find the Best Endometriosis Specialist in College Park, Maryland to Get a Diagnosis

Being properly diagnosed can be a difficult journey and require multiple visits. Women can experience this condition very differently and have symptoms that vary in presentation and severity.  Because of this, it can be difficult to get a diagnosis.

Finding the right diagnosis is best done with comprehensive exams and a thorough health history where you are clear with all your symptoms. So, before you go to any of the above healthcare professionals, be sure to make a list of all your health challenges.

If you are experiencing symptoms of endometriosis and need to find a provider to diagnose you, look for one with experience who can get you started on the right path. You want to get started on a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, as the sooner a diagnosis and treatment plan is made, the better.

Experience Matters – Find It With a Women’s HealthCare Specialist

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