Abnormal Bleeding Specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland

Abnormal Bleeding Specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland

An Abnormal Bleeding Specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland Answers Your FAQs

Women’s health is often neglected, and abnormal bleeding is no exception.

Here’s what an abnormal bleeding specialist in Greenbelt, Maryland wants you to know and why it’s important to seek treatment.

What Is Considered as Abnormal Bleeding?

What may seem normal to you could potentially be abnormal. Unusual or abnormal uterine bleeding includes heavy or prolonged menstruation, inconsistent periods, bleeding after menopause, and bleeding in between periods or after sex.

Normal bleeding is a menstrual cycle that occurs every 21 to 35 days and lasts less than eight days with normal menstrual flow. While this varies person to person, it should not be excessive or last longer than eight days.

What Causes Abnormal Bleeding?

Abnormal bleeding is incredibly common during hormonal fluctuation, typically during your teenage years, as well as the years before menopause known as perimenopause. Causes outside of this vary widely but not all are serious.

Causes for abnormal bleeding include medications such as birth control or blood thinners, hormonal imbalances, polyps, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, miscarriage, sexually transmitted diseases and, in rare cases, cancer.

What Should I Know About Testing and Diagnosis?

You should expect a typical examination, involving questions about your health, medications, and symptoms. This can also include physical examinations, such as a pelvic exam, blood or urine testing, and eventually diagnostic testing.

Diagnostic testing is the key for determining individual treatment, pinpointing the cause. This can include saline hysterography, sonography, or other tests in order to rule out or diagnose certain causes.

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