7 Facts About “The Pill” Your Birth Control Specialist in College Park, Maryland Wants You to Know

7 Facts About “The Pill”

Birth control pills have been around since the 1960s, so it’s a given they have a history of being safe and effective.

However, if you’re considering taking them, there are some things your birth control specialist in College Park, Maryland wants you to know. Here’s the scoop on seven important facts from a women’s health provider.

  • It Can Be Convenient and Inconvenient

Birth control pills are an easy and safe way to prevent pregnancy. One tiny pill every day, and you’re covered. It’s also one pill EVERY day. To be most effective, birth control pills also need to be taken at the same time every day. Many women are okay with the schedule, while others are not. The decision is yours!

  • Birth Control Pills May or May Not Impact Your Sex Drive

A lot of women find that because they don’t have to worry about becoming pregnant, their sex drive increases. For some women, it has the opposite effect. They find their libido decreases and they have trouble reaching orgasm. If the latter happens to you, the fix might be as easy as switching to a different brand of contraceptive pill.

  • The Pill Actually Has Some Impressive Benefits

Would you believe the pill has been reported to prevent cancer? It’s true! A study conducted in 2021 showed that women who took birth control for five years or longer had less risk of certain cancers like ovarian, colorectal, and endometrial cancers.

There has also been strong evidence that taking birth control can regulate menstrual cycles as well as make bleeding much lighter. In addition, if you have problems with acne, birth control may also help clear your complexion.

  • Birth Control Pills Can Have Side Effects

Your body needs time to adjust to any new medication, and that includes the pill. During that adjustment, you may experience side effects. Spotting (bleeding) between periods, nausea, headaches, and sore breasts are all common side effects that typically last between two to three months.

In contrast to its ability to lower your risk of certain cancers, birth control pills may increase your risk of breast and cervical cancers.

  • If You’re Overweight, Birth Control Pills Might Not Be the Best Option

Research has suggested that if you’re overweight, your chance of getting pregnant while taking the pill might be higher than if you were at your ideal weight. It’s possible you’ll benefit more from a different type of contraception.

  • It Might Take a Little Time to Find the Right Contraceptive Pill for You

Contraception isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. This is especially true when it comes to birth control pills. You might try one and experience side effects that are troublesome. If so, it might be necessary to try another brand. Be patient. The right pill is out there for you!

  • There Is Only One Right Way to Find the Best Birth Control Pill for You

The easiest way to find the right birth control is under the care of a birth control specialist in College Park, Maryland. You should have an exam to make sure the pill is safe for you first, and then have a discussion about your lifestyle. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions about birth control.

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