5 Tips About Natural Childbirth from the Best OB/GYN in Alexandria, Virginia

Natural Delivery Tips

The method by which you decide to have your baby is incredibly personal. If you’re considering natural childbirth, there are steps you need to take during pregnancy to prepare. Here’s what the best OB/GYN in Alexandria, Virginia advises.

  • Make a Birthing Plan With Your OB/GYN

It’s important you and your OB/GYN are on the same page, so be sure you define what natural childbirth means to you. You should also find out what kind of support your birthing facility has in place for you.

  • Choose a Support Person and / or a Doula

It probably doesn’t surprise you to read that childbirth is painful. That’s why it’s important you have someone to support you during birth. There should be someone to help you focus on breathing, talk you through the process, and help distract you from the pain. This can be a partner, parent, or close friend.

Also, you might consider having a doula present during the birth. Their goal is your goal – to help you have a baby in the way you imagine. They also provide valuable assistance before and after your baby is born.

  • Educate Yourself

Don’t go into natural childbirth without having learned all you can. Understand each stage of labor, what to expect, how you manage each stage, and how to prepare physically. You might find childbirth classes incredibly beneficial and you’ll get great advice from the best OB/GYN in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • You Should Also Prepare Mentally

Labor can last hours and be painful. Prepare yourself mentally for the challenges. Know that the pain is normal and that each feeling you experience is happening to bring you closer to your beautiful new baby.

  • Take the Time to Learn How to Manage Pain

Managing the pain of childbirth is absolutely possible. Breathing techniques, essential oils, soothing music, massage, meditation, and a warm bath have all been proven helpful. You should also try walking or different positions to help you cope with the pain.

Let the Best OB/GYN in Alexandria, Virginia Help You Prepare for Natural Childbirth!

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