Pelvic Pain Specialist in College Park, Maryland

pelvic pain specialist

Pelvic pain can be utterly debilitating and certainly frustrating, especially when you don’t know the cause. If you have pain in this area, do you need a pelvic pain specialist in College Park, Maryland? Yes, and here’s why!

When Should I See a Pelvic Pain Specialist?

Pelvic pain may be from one cause or a combination thereof. To pinpoint your specific level of pain and to avoid a misdiagnosis, you should always seek medical advice from a pelvic pain specialist.

Pelvic pain can be chronic (lasting six months or longer) or it can be acute (lasting only a short time). You should see a specialist if you suffer from chronic pelvic pain (CPP) or if you have other indicators of a reproductive issue with acute pelvic pain. This can include vaginal discharge, pain during sexual activity, heavy menstrual bleeding, and/or other symptoms.

It’s a normal reaction to rush to see any pain specialist when you experience unfamiliar and troubling pelvic pain, but it’s important to remember not all specialists are the same.

What’s the Difference Between a Pelvic Pain Specialist vs. Other Specialists?

1. A pelvic pain specialist understands all possible causes and treatments, but your primary care provider may not understand the complexities surrounding pelvic pain.

When you have pelvic pain, it’s important you choose a specialist who knows specifically what to look for and how to treat your condition. CPP is associated with other issues such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and trouble with appetite.

Your primary care doctor is trained to target a cause and treat a specific symptom but won’t look at your condition as a whole. Thorough, comprehensive treatment requires the expertise of a pelvic pain specialist in College Park, Maryland. 

2. A pelvic pain specialist does not recommend unnecessary surgery.

For women, a leading cause of pelvic pain is endometriosis. It is a common condition with symptoms that can be treated with or without gynecological surgery. There are specialists that may recommend surgery as the first treatment without exploring other, less invasive options. 

Whether you need conservative surgery that preserves your reproductive organs or a hysterectomy, a pelvic pain specialist will consider your circumstances and determine the treatment that’s right for you. 

How Do I Choose a Pelvic Pain Specialist?

You should take as much care and time choosing your pelvic pain specialist as you would any other healthcare professional. If you’re unsure where to start your search, try asking friends and family who have experienced pelvic pain to find out who they recommend. 

Once you have a short list of potential specialists, look at online reviews to find a highly-rated provider. Then, verify their credentials, making sure they do have the knowledge and experience treating pelvic pain. Find out about their success rate as well as their philosophy. 

If possible, schedule a consultation so you have the chance to meet with the specialist before making your final decision. You should feel heard and understood during your visit, and any of your questions and/or concerns should be respectfully addressed.

If you’ve found the right pelvic pain specialist for you, you’ll leave feeling confident in your choice and safe in discussing your health.

I Want the Best Pelvic Pain Specialist in College Park, Maryland! Where Should I Go?

At Women’s HealthCare Specialists, Dr. Navi Modi and her team provide the highest quality, personalized care for all women. If you are experiencing pelvic pain, we encourage you to seek treatment as soon as possible. 

There’s no need to suffer from discomfort any longer. Contact our office at 301-812-3400 to schedule your appointment, and let’s start a treatment plan to improve your quality of life!

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