Jessyka H.

Omg where to start, I started going to Dr.Modi’s office in July 2019 and it feels like she’s been my doctor all my life. Everyone in the office that I have encountered has welcomed me with open arms, answered any questions I had. Melissa is awesome every visit or phone call I made she was there to help she helped me to worry less she gave me words of encouragement when I was down. Dr.Modi and Melissa both stayed on top of me making sure I was on the right track, making sure I took my prenatal medicine and was drinking plenty of water, also made sure I was in a good emotional and mental state of mind. Dr.Modi delivered my handsome baby boy 2 weeks ago I don’t have the words to thank her for all she has done, I was originally schedule for a c-section I was scared out of my mind crying, shaking and could not sleep the night before as always she ensured that I will be fine and to stop stressing. Once I got to the hospital at 7am for preparation Dr.Modi had the nurse draw blood when the results came back she decided that she will let me have a vaginal birth I was relieved but still nervous as I was getting ready to have my first child, after seeing how far I was dilated she said it was not time for my baby to come yet and I had to wait it out. My contractions was strong but not close together and I was only 3 centimeters after 12 hours of contractions and body weakness I gave in and got an epidural the pain started to get worse I could no longer take it, maybe a hour after getting the epidural Dr.Modi checked me again at that moment I was 7 centimeters not long after that my contractions was coming close together I did not get to experience my water breaking on it’s own however not long after I had got induce it was show time I got nervous/scared/worried after the first push and felt like I couldn’t do it but Dr.Modi made me comfortable, after four pushes my baby boy was here. After delivery my blood pressure drop and I became dehydrated while my nurse was helping me clean myself up I got dizzy and was feeling light headed the nurse thought I was having a seizure she suggested I see a cardiologist and neurologist once Dr.Modi was notified she came in my room to check on me she said I need to drink more fluids and get some rest As long as Dr.Modi is in practice I will be one of her patients

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