Pujneet Singh

Cystoscopy Urodynamics

What is cystoscopy? A flexible cystoscopy is an examination of the bladder using a flexible fibre-optic telescope. This enables the doctor to examine the urethra and bladder without a general anesthetic. It is simple, quick and fairly painless procedure. What is urodynamic testing? Urodynamic tests […]

Endometrial Ablation

Heavy periods, or menorrhagia, affect about 20% of all women. If a woman is done with childbearing and having problems with heavy periods, she may be a candidate for an endometrial ablation. What is Endometrial Ablation? An ablation is a treatment applied to the lining […]


When to call your health care provider? Heavy vaginal bleeding (using more than one maxi pad per hour) Severe lower abdominal pain Fever Chills  What is Colposcopy? A screening Pap smear, which returns an abnormal result, may, in some cases prompt the scheduling of a […]