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Pregnancy and HPV Pregnancy and HPV

Pregnancy and HPV

Any expectant mother is naturally con­cerned about various conditions that can harm her unborn baby. HPV is no excep­tion. Fortunately, in most cases, HPV causes no problems to either the mother or baby during pregnancy. Let us first get an understanding of what HPV is. […]

Cervical Health Awareness Month

A healthy cervix is an unlikely addition to any woman’s list of New Year’s resolu ­ tions, but is definitely one that shouldn’t be overlooked!  With few simple steps, most women can greatly reduce their risk of developing cervical health problems like cervical dysplasia, and […]

Cervical Cancer

Routine Screenings Prevent Cervical Cancer Death  Medical science has made some rapid advances in recent years and none more so than the ability to be able to prevent and treat cervical cancers in adult women. Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix (the lower part […]

Procedures List

Colposcopy – A screening Pap smear, which returns an abnormal result, may, in some cases prompt the scheduling of a Colposcopic exam of the cervix and / or vaginal tissues. LEEP –  A loop electrosurgical excision procedure, commonly referred to as a LEEP, is one possible […]


Myoma is another name for a fibroid. In women whose fibroids cause problems (generally bleeding or pain) and who still want to keep their uterus, a myomectomy (removal of myoma) may be recommended by their physician. Occasionally a myomectomy is suggested to treat infertility. Some […]